Monthly Archives: October 2014

Common Meal (10.31)

A common meal on the Halloweens!! A couple of girls wore costumes!! Kittens, bunnies and cat women there in the lobby who distracted us away from yummy food … And this term there are several vegetarian residents and scholars, so we also prepare a table for vegetarians! Looks healthy, doesn’t it? There were quite a lot of deserts this time including… Read more →

Sports Day (10.18)

Sports day is a semestral event in HdB. In the second semester of 2014, residents and scholars from HdB went to Kyoto’s Imperial Palace Garden to play a game.   The game was based on a television program of treasure hunting. The players were divided in teams to compete among themselves. There were missions such as taking photos of specific… Read more →

Common meal (10.17)

今期初めてのコモンミール! ありがたくも日本人女子が英語で書いてくれました! We had the first common meal for the fall semester. I was one of the cooks who was in charge of dishes this memorable common meal and I made scone spending only 30 minutes to cook it with great help from my friend. I was kind of stupid those days. I volunteered to go shopping with our house… Read more →

Welcome Party (10.5)

HdBの新しい学期が始まりました!そして後期に入寮する寮生を歓迎して、Welcome Partyが開かれました。   皆で協力してパーティのパーティの準備をいますね^^ 今期のチームの方々からアップルパイ、キムチチャーハン、ほうれん草とベーコンの炒め、パンプキンチーズオーブン焼き、ローストビーフなど、美味しい料理を作っていただきました。 新しい寮生を歓迎し、楽しいパーティを作るために仮装をしたりもします!   2014年度後期のレジデントやスコラの集合写真です! Read more →