Common Meal 7.19


We had our last common meal on 19th July. I am one of cooks who were in charge of food for the day. Many wonderful dishes were served and one of the greatest was Agemomiji (made by me), which is made by frying Momiji-manju, a Hiroshima’s famous specialty only found in miyajima. I managed to find a recipe (by googling) and copied the original one as much as I could, although my work was kind of supervisory and I just watched my helper fry them, in a distance because I’m afraid of fire. Anyway, Agemomii was very good and I was really happy that people enjoyed them.

Every event (including common meal) is finished this semester. I am so  honored to be asked (ordered) to write the last article. Though I was away from HdB for most part of the semester due to job-hunting, it seemed people enjoyed their life here very much. I hope we will have good time next semester too with new residents.

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