Christmas Party

2015/12/12, we had a wonderful Christmas Party together.
The Christmas Party, we not only cook tasty dishes and desserts, but also had many fun entertainment program. We invited friends of the current residents, old members  (former residents), HdB staff, board and council members.

For tasty dishes and desserts, we had Dumplings, Eggplant lasagna ,Ginger pork,   Matcha crêpe cake etc. Everyone liked the delicious meals in our party. After finished the dinner, we played Guest gifts exchange part,made them into pairs and exchanged with each other. In this part, everyone found their partner and had a chance to make new friends.



For entertainment program. We divided into two parts, first part was game time, second part is performance time.The game part split people into three groups to play 3rounds, and each rounds, the group with the lowest points was eliminated. It was so exciting that everyone did a very great teamwork in order to win. Through the three games, we got one champion through playing Rock Paper Scissors.Everyone had a great game time.
1).Limbo.Passing the rope without touching it.
2).Throwing Ping-pong ball into basket.
3).Luck Viniger Drink.(got three people to play Rock Paper Scissors)

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For the performance part. We had music group show,Jazz band show and dance show.Most of the HdB residents spent so much private time for preparation. The music group gave us an unforgettable music time. And the Jazz band from Kyoto university showed us the charm of Jazz.In the dance group, the boys dressed up as beautiful and charming girls and did a cute dance show, the girls became so sexy and pretty.





We’ve made so many memories in Christmas Party.
Thank you for your time and effort.


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