1st common meal (2016-10-21)

This was the first common meal with the new residents (including me) this fall semester. I have to say that it’s great to eat every 2 weeks delicious meals, with dishes from all over the world. Just one of the perks of living in this dorm.


This common meal dishes were:

  1. Main dish: Toppoki
  2. Main dish: Green beans oven dish + Rough Puff Sausage
  3. Vegetarian : Stuffed besan cheela
  4. Side dish: Seafood and Tomato Cream Rice
  5. Dessert: Napoli coffee cake


It was chaos in the kitchen just before the common meal… Well at least for me, because I failed at time management and expecting 2 ovens instead of 1 (which I didn’t inform about) and having only oven dishes, didn’t really help. Lucky we have many great cooks in our dorm and with their help, I still managed to get my dish finished in time, sort of.



To the current residents: See you at the next common meal!

To non-residents: I hope to see you joining one of our common meals someday (ask a resident to invite you)!


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