Welcome party FALL 2016

Good evening everyone. And welcome, or welcome back to HdB. Since this place is called “house”, the team would like this place to be where you come back, where you stay with your family and where you can be yourself.  And we’ll offer anything we can to ensure it.


By the way, my name is Hidemi, a chairperson at this moment. Precisely a year ago, I didn’t imagine this place would be such a huge part of my life. I was actually on the side to be welcome, feeling quite nervous and worried about everything; people, toban, amenity all about this place. That was my case. Then what were you thinking about HdB before you come here? The place you are obliged to work for? The place troubles you by noises and dirty kitchens? Or the place you have to keep clean, otherwise somebody becomes very freaky like me? As a matter of fact, that’s all true, though not essential. HdB is the place of enlightenment. We offer many chances like toban, a duty you must accomplish, and your turns to cook for Common Meal etc. At the beginning you may be afraid or just want to be lazy. Never the less, you will be enrolled to our community whether you like it or not through those chances, and can’t prevent yourself from being impressed by how awesome our people are. You’ll start learning their mind and capability to bring betterment into yourself. Simultaneously, you are the person who is providing betterment into us.


Before the official beginning of the party, let me take another minute to say my gratitude to my “awesome” people. Our great team members and voluntary cooks who prepared yummy food for us. Higuchi-san and Shimizu-san who arranged everything for the party. HP who have been taking care of us. And everybody who helped us in many ways. Thank you very much. And once again, thank you all for coming, and welcome to HdB.

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