International Food Festival 2016

The 9th of July saw the return of one of HdB`s most cherished traditions – the International Food Festival (IFF). Every year, we invite our neighbours into our home to taste a variety of flavors from around the world and to thank them for their continued tolerance of our existence. Once again, the house pulled together to make the vast array of dishes on offer, with the passion of the representatives for their offerings matched only by the enthusiasm of the helpers. Together, we worked long into the night (special mention to Sam for giving up his birthday evening to marinade Chicken) and made enough food to buckle the tables. In total, 12 countries were represented: China (Sago Soup and Boiled Pork Burger), Taiwan (Bubble tea and Tofu Pudding), Korea (Potato and Kimchi Chijimi), Madagascar (I still don`t know), Brazil (Torta de Bolacha and Farofa de Banana), Czech Republic (Ovocne Knedlicky), Greece (Chicken Souvlaki), France (Crepes la Confiture), England (Carrot Cake and Scones), Sweden (Semla), Finland (Brita Cake) and India (Paneer Tikka). With such a variety of foods on offer, you might be forgiven for believing that some unpleasant flavour combinations might have occurred. What do you get if you mix boiled pork, paneer tikka, chijimi and banana? Fortunately, no food remained on anyone`s plate long enough for us to find out!



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