Dance Party 2016

Dance party


After the NEON party 2 years ago and Angel and Demon last year, we toubans figured out hard to arrive into a cool yet attractive party.

FINALLY we ended up with “Mask party” after discussion, and started all the preparations following the theme: masks, mask styled decorations, promotions with leaflets and so on.


↑The coolest reception ever perhaps on the day. Can you recognize them?


Since it’s an event involving outsiders, careful preparation had to be done among toubans and residents who are helping with reception, cloak, bartender, and safety guard on the day. Thus responsibilities was clarified and emphasized before head.


13524488_1038018842944467_1491454477553274834_n   13512102_1038018756277809_7435941333569601275_n


↑Promotions, purchase, job allocation, decoration, all done and just waiting for the party to start!


It was a pity that due to the heavy rain on the day, only 70 people could come, but at least it seems like we had enough to make it crowded in the dancing area!!


↑Entrance on the rainy day.


↑Since the party was a mask party, there were various characters


And no matter who we are, we could have fun together dancing, breaking the ice between us!!

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