5th Common Meal

It was a dark and stormy night. 30th of June.

This common meal saw a lot of appetizing and delicious food being made, which represented a lot of countries. The main dishes were ‘Buta no Kakuni’ is a Japanese braised pork dish which literally means “square simmered”. It was prepared by Hikaru. The flavours of the sauce were really tasty and the pork was done so beautifully that it melted in your mouth.

The second main dish was ‘Onion with stuffed with meat’, and was cooked by Hayato. The onions were full of flavour, and complimented the rest of the meal well.

The vegetarian dish was ‘Spicy Potatoes with Okra’ and was made by Rutvika.

The side dish was ‘stir fried pork and vegetables with miso’ made by Kaori. The miso went well with the spices added in the itame.

The House Father made Butter Chicken Curry which was perfectly spicy and filled with rich flavours. The rice was prepared by Higuchi San.

The cherry on top was the dessert made by Daisy, it was chocolate brownies with shortbread. The brownies were deliciously chocolatey and thus completed the whole meal.

\section{People Present}

\par We saw a variety of guests for this common meal. There were people from different countries. We were able to make new acquaintances. The scholars from France and India were also present for the common meal. The residents were able to chat with them and know about their fields of study and other interests. The common meal was a perfect opportunity to enjoy delicious food from other countries and share a good talk with other residents, scholars and guests. All in all, it was a fun day.

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