2017.07.09 Big Clean Up

Let’s keep HdB clean!

As a house keeping toban, making all the resident to keep our dorm clean is my job. I believe that the cleaned dorm can make everyone feel more comfortable to live here. It’s time to clean!

First, kitchen

  1. Every resident should take turn to clean the fridge every month.
  2. Throw out the food without any room mark or expired.
  3. Wipe the fridge, microwave, and toaster.
  4. Change the filter paper and little trash can net in the sink if they are dirty or full.

Second, bathroom

  1. Pick up your hair from the drain with tweezer after taking the shower.
  2. Keep the shower room door open if there is no one taking shower.
  3. Flash the toilet at least 5 seconds to make sure everything be flashed.
  4. Change the toilet paper if it runs out.

Third, lobby

  1. Clean the dishes after finish it and keep the sink be cleaned as well.
  2. Remember to put the common meal leftover in the fridge or throw it away if it couldn’t be eaten.
  3. Turn off the light and air conditioner if you are the last one leaving from lobby.

Forth, laundry room

  1. Take out your dry clothes and put the hanger back asap.
  2. Throw the water away from the dehumidifiers if the water is excess.
  3. Don’t put your shoes in the washing machine.

Thanks to everyone for putting effort to keep our HdB clean and comfortable. This is a lovely, enjoyable, and clean place.

After Big clean up, everyone was exhausted but enjoyed the pizza very much!  

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