OCT.17′ Sports Day

“Thrilling”, that’s how one would describe this fall’s sports day.


  • What’s an HdB sports day for ?

Being the only event –along with seminar- to be held twice a year, sports day represents more than just health awareness and constructive competitiveness. It is the bedrock on which, the process of consolidating the new body of house members and family into one unified healthy functioning society, is built.


  • So why was this one special ?

October 21st 2017, on a cloudy Kyoto morning, 16 talented students present, geared and ready to get that win. Put into 4 balanced teams and competing in 4 sporting events –Badminton, Volleyball, Football and Table Tennis–  Unhinged by the falling rain, mind locked on pushing together 100% to get the trophy, the teams kicked off the morning events consisting of badminton and volleyball. It was difficult to pinpoint a dominating team as all of them were giving it all they got. After 8 of the 12 scheduled matches were played, the rain poured hard creating an environment not safe enough to avoid injuries. The 4 remaining matches were decided through 4 thrilling games of indoor high paced dodge-ball. 


After charging our strength in a well-deserved lunch break, we went into the afternoon events with one goal in mind, winning. To be honest, if there could be 4 winners in sports, then this day would’ve ended perfectly. That’s how much it was close between winners and losers during those games. 


A big congratulations, not just to the winners, but to every individual that made this event succeed in a perfect manner.

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