Christmas Party – December 16th, 2017

Christmas Party at HdB

The Christmas Party was held on the 16th December. The toban had organized food, drinks and games for the residents and the guests. Each resident was allowed one guest. The dinner had 5 main dishes, 5 side dishes and 5 deserts. The residents helped cook this delicious meal. There was pizza, spicy korean chicken, lots of good salad and many other things. The dessert was equally delicious. The guests looked really happy with the meal and there were a few leftovers.

After the dinner, the residents had organized a dance show for the guests. As is the tradition, some guys dressed up as girls and performed a beautiful number. This included Hiro, Kenzo, Ko and Stef. The girls: Jeniffer, Natsumi and Hikaru performed a graceful dance on ‘If I was you’. Everyone received a big applause.

Then we proceeded to play some games. The toban divided the guests in three teams. We played games that incited everyone to work as a team. The games included pictionary and limbo. Then, it came close to the time to say goodbye to the guests and start with the opening of presents. The toban had planned a secret santa for everyone. Everyone’s presents were piled up below the christmas tree and one by one we started opening the presents. Each resident opened their present and then tried to guess who it was from. Well, not everyone could. The joy on everyone’s faces as they opened the gift was undeniable. 

This way we ended the celebrations for the christmas party and everyone proceeded to have a drink or two and chill with their friends thereon. It was a celebration filled with joy, love and laughter. The residents of HdB hope for more such upcoming celebrations. It was a perfect way to start the holiday season before everyone returned home or out for vacations.

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