Dance Party

 8th June


To kick off the very hot summer in Kyoto, Haus der Begegnung came up with an irresistible and unforgettable summer experience – the Summer Paradise Dance Party. The theme for the Dance Party, as you might have guessed, was all about summer. As exquisite as it might seem, there was a lot of work to be done. First, we needed to prepare a drinks menu that incorporated the zest and passion of summer using tropical juices along with their popular liquor duos. Next, we needed to decorate the place as to replicate the red tinge of the summer sunset, which was done by installing colored light bulbs in the lobby area. Last but not the least, we needed to disseminate the heat of the event by advertising around various universities and on Facebook.

DSCN8168 DSCN8190     DSCN8191 DSC_3945DSCN8243 DSCN8220 (1)

It was a lot of work, but the party itself was a blast. There were more than 120 people eager to dance and celebrate for the upcoming summer, while having nice summery cocktails and wearing beautiful summer clothing. The attendees bonded together quite well and had a very exciting time together. For many of us, including some residents, the party was too short. People were reluctant to leave until we had to force them out of the House – this was how fun and wonderful this Dance Party was. For many of us it will be a party worth remembering, and for some of us it will be a party that will not be forgotten.

DSCN8211   DSC_3996   DSC01109   DSC01026