Big Clean up day

Throughout the history humans have been associating the event of Spring cleaning to cultural and/or religious celebrations.
Its has been suggested that this event’s origins dates back to the Persian New Year (Iranian Norouz) in which there is the necessity of everything in the house to be thoroughly cleaned in order to welcome the year that is about to start.
There is a similar practice in other countries, such as Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil – just to name a few. Another possible origin for the celebration of Spring cleaning can be traced to the ancient Jewish in a way of anticipation of the spring-time memorial feast of Passover memorial or remembrance.During the 19th century, before the advent of incredible technologies like the vacuum cleaner, in countries in Northern Europe and North America, the practice of Spring cleaning was related to the warm weather, as it had to be warm enough to open windows and doors to do the dusting.
Despite its possible origins, the event of Spring cleaning is nowadays associate with ‘pizza’. Well, at least here at HdB it is!
On July 7th, after hours of hard work, team spirit and mutual collaboration windows, curtain and carpets were washed, walls and floor are spotless clean, all common areas are neat and smelling nice.
HdB big clean up is another event that counts on every resident participation – scholars are always welcome to join –, that aims to make the bounds between those who live in the house stronger and that reinforces notions of responsibility, hardworking and friendship. And what is the best way to celebrate those aspects than with pizza?




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