Welcome party

  According to the meaning given by Oxford dictionary, to make someone welcome is:

a) To receive with pleasure and hospitality into one’s company or home;

b) To give pleasure or satisfaction; agreeable or gratifying;

c) To cordially or willingly permitted or invited;

and d) The state of being welcome.


Last October 10th HdB held its Welcome Party of the Autumn term. With the presence of part of the dorm committee, House Parents, persons who work at the dorm, and older residents, HdB made ten new residents as well as six new scholars welcome.

The event aimed, as according to the definitions given by the dictionary, to receive new residents and scholars with 13 dishes from 7 different ethnic, two very well directed home-made movies that exemplified life in HdB, and a warm, friendly and inviting environment, that resulted in great laughter.

Which is hoped to have given to those who were at the event pleasure and satisfaction. Before the event, as new residents have moved in since mid September, older residents, House Parents, Higuchi-san, Shimizu-san and Yoshitake-san have been cordially as well as willingly welcoming new residents to the house while showing them around Kyoto, sharing food, going out to karaoke, playing soccer, watching movies, or simply hanging out together at the common room.

Within those actions of interaction, perhaps seeing as little or insufficient by some, there were what is essential to make a new person to feel comfortable in a new place: kindness.

Once the event ended the state of being welcome emerged.


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