Common meal 4th Dec

It was the last Common Meal of this year! As I always go for cooking desert, I decided to bake some apple-earl grey pound cake. The apples were from Obuse town, Nagano, where I have been involved with some activities including HLAB and Obuse Youth Conference. HLAB has definitely been one of the great experiences that I had in my uni life. You can watch this year’s video of HLAB from the link and it’s with English subtitles so please check it out♡♡♡

So going back to the subject, since I didn’t have enough time before the common meal on Friday, I cooked on Thursday night. It took around 3 hours to finish but it was really fun cooking with my helper while chatting:) We had around 10 guests and it is always great to have some former residents back here with us! The cake turned out to be very delicious and some people even asked me for the recipe so here it is.

Ingredients (for a 18cm x 6cm cake pan)
> 200g Pancake mix
>2 egg
>70cc soy milk
>40g butter (softened at room temperature)
>70g sugar (40g for jam, 30g for dough)
>2 apples (1 1/2 for jam, 1/2 for dough)
>2 earl grey tea bags

【Apple Jam】
(1) Cut 1 1/2 Apple into small thin pieces. (the thinner, the better)
(2) In the pot, Add (1), 40g sugar, 30cc of water and 1 pack of earl grey tea bag.
(3) With medium heat, stir and boil it down to concentrate

(1) Mix butter and 30g suger into the bowl.
(2) Cut 1/2 apple into dice.
(3) Add the beaten eggs, pancake mix and soy milk into (1). Mix roughly with using rubber spatula.
*do not add them all at once but little by little (for three to four times).
(4) Preheat the oven to 180℃.
(5) Add (2), 1 pack of earl grey tea bag and【apple jam】into (3).
(6) Place a cooking sheet in the container and put (5) into it. Bake for 10 minutes.
(7) With a cake knife, make a shallow cut vertically in the middle part.
(8) Bake for 20-30 minutes.

After finishing we had our ordinary House-Meeting. There were a lot of things to be discussed as Christmas party and Big Clean-up day were coming up, I believe it was the LONGEST HOUSE MEETING EVER since I moved here at HdB. Cheers to us!



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