Common meal 20th Nov


For this Common Meal it was my turn to cook the side-dish. My decision was: Mashed Potatoes! Since I am in Japan I didn’t have them anymore so I thought I could make something I really enjoy. It sounds simple, it sounds easy but it is actually quite a lot of work to peel and cook 7 kg potatoes for 30 people. So My helper and I started peeling potatoes 3 hours early in the kitchen. After and after more and more people came to prepare their dishes. One of the cooks made a really tasty Korean dish, another one made a vegetarian Udon-Soup and one girl made delicioius baked-apple-tart for desert (there were more dishes but i forgot who made them). It was a lot of work making the mashed potatoes but it was worth it because I think it tasted quite delicious just like all the other dishes served.

This time we had around 15 guests so it took quite long until everybody finished introducing themselves. But we had food for everyone and of course we had some left-overs again.IMG_0427のコピー

After finishing we had our ordinary House-Meeting where I lost the paper-stone-scissors game which is why I’m writing this now 😉
After the meeting many people stayed to have a chat and a drink or two. It was great!

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