Spring semester’s first common meal

After a long break of almost 2 months, we all got together for the first common meal of the spring semester and being there made me realize how much I missed it.

This time all the cooks were experienced or shall I say veterans. Winij made his classic pork curry with basil leaves. Clarss made potato-beef curry and instead of telling its original name, he presented it as ‘Clarss potatoes”. Koskue made delicious Bolognese, a dish he claimed was taught to him by his Italian friends. House father made a delicious Chinese cabbage based soup and house mother got fresh fruits. Then there was Oppa, the king of desserts. He made not one, two but 4 different types of cakes!!.

As for the vegetarians, I made a simple Cottage cheese-mushroom curry with loads of garlic and ginger, which was also loved by everyone 😀 It was overwhelming to see that all cooks went a step ahead and prepared a vegetarian versions of their dish, for now there are only two vegetarians left in the house. Winij (who is allergic to vegetables :P), specially brought tofu, Clarss, after finishing his main dish didn’t stay back to eat instead he went upstairs and prepared his trademark potatoes without beef!! And house father didn’t add the sea food (lol I don’t know the actual name of that ingredient) in his soup. On the top of it, Oppa also made sure that he had an eggless/ gelatine free desert. It was one of those occasions, where the vegetarians also had plenty to eat apart from salad 😀

That’s the best part of HdB, you care for each other and respect their choices. Feel blessed to be here J

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