“Sports Day”

On 26th April, Our house HdB had “Sports Day” and this event was actually the first events in all of another events.

We had “Water fight” for this year.
What is the water fight? It’s a sports using water guns, water balloons, buckets and you can win if you could make the opponents team more wet with their wearing water aprons.

Luckily we had really sunny day on the day. Our souls and passions were getting warmer and warmer regardless of our wetted body by the water.

We used the calligraphy papers so some players lost their papers in 1mins so sometimes we did the judgement not how those two teams wet but we did judgement how much the papers left. (this is unexpected situation. sorry)lol
Moreover, some too passionate players tried to do unexpected penalty like picking the paper aprons of the opponents team or hugging with opponents team members lol

The judgement of the game was done by sports todan but this was so difficult especially in the close game.(hope it was right judgement for you all)

It was first time for us to make planning the event from the beginning so it was a bit of tough to decide what kind of sports should we play? What kind of weapons are good for the water fight? How we order the pizza and which pizza should we do on the day? ……..and so on. We sports toban were a little nervous for the reasons above firstly until the day but our anxiety swoon disappeared to see the players enjoyining faces in the game!!!! (Actually I really wanted to join you guys but I had to do judgement instead><) p.s. I got wet with the leatest team as a penalty tough lol

Hope this sports day event could be a good exercise, or good way to communication with other residents throughout the sports.

We would like to say ‘thank you’ to all of the HdB members.

Special thanks
Thank you house parents for your cooperation and understanding, thank you for joining the rehearsal before the game. Thank you volunteers people for taking many great photos on the sports game. Thank you for all of the participants for showing your passions and souls and making the game more exciting.

See you again at next sports day!!

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