4th common meal

Here comes the traditional event of Common Meal again! In HdB, we do this

every two weeks with our families and friends.

Here is todays menu:

1. main dish: fried pork cheese rope

2. main dish: beef SUGI

3. vegetable dish: fried tofu with veges

4. side dish: vegetable gratin

5. dessert: sweet potato and lemon pancake

Every time we make it in this way and of course there special plates for


This is a great opportunity for people to get together and know more about each

other. We can enjoy great foods made by residents from all over the world, we

can talk everything that happened in our life, no matter the joy or the bitterness,

there are always people for you here, listening, caring and supporting you.

We always celebrate big days for people together. This is the first birthday I spent without my family

back in my country, and this is also the first birthday I spent with my family in

this house.

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