Common meal 4 -1st december 2017



を一から作りました。 海外からの学生からだけでなく、日本人からも「初めて食べた。美味しかった。」と良い反響をもらえて嬉しかったです。


The event, held once every two weeks, “Common Meal” was held on Friday, 1st of December. We had the meal with friends who were more than 30 people (10 of whom were invited guests).

I made local cuisine Akita prefecture “Kiritanpo Nabe”. Not only from international students, but also from Japanese, “I ate it for the first time, it was delicious.” It was a pleasure to receive a good response.

One of the merits is that you can eat cuisine from around the world while you are in Japan. In addition, it is such an event that Japanese people can enjoy Japanese cuisine never ate before.

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