Common meal 2 -28th october 2017

“My Grandmother always told me that food connects people. Since HdB’s tradition of Common Meal
draws on that idea by heart, I was looking forward to be part of the cooking team.
When I was asked to prepare the vegetarian dish I really gave a lot of thought what to cook. Especially,
since I experienced Japan being a country where people enjoy meat and fish, I was nervous if I can
make a pleasant experience to my fellow students by only cooking vegetables.
Fortunately one of my close friends from Germany came to visit and she mentioned a pumpkin stew,
we used to cook during fall time quite often. She remembered how it always gave everybody a warm
feeling, so I wanted to give it a try. Immediately, when starting to prepare the dish with her and the
teamed up HdB­member, I felt how the anxiety drew off. When setting the table with everybody and
staring to eat the dishes the others prepared with so much care I finally grasped the meaning of my
Grandmother’s words – it is not only the food, but actually the joint process of cooking, eating and
giving attention to what others could enjoy, what connects people. I am grateful that HdB’s Common
Meal helped me to understand that.”

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