Common meal 11.29

When someone asks me what do I like the most about Japan, handful of usual responses springs into mind.Responses such as the natural beauty, the history, the culture and the food. But the one response that chiefs the rest is the tight friendship I have with the residents of hdb. My home in Japan. This single aspect elevates the experience of Japan in to levels I could never describe.


One event we celebrate together, is the common meal. Where each week, a group, often from countries from corners of the map, will cook their signature dishes for everyone to enjoy for dinner. As a family. Its not just the food, it is also the opportunity to sit and socialize with beautiful diverse minds around me.

DSC_2310 DSC_2316 DSC_2321

This atmosphere is further enjoyable by the fact that our lovely house parents always take their time to make dishes that are simply “fireworks on your pallet”. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work, from the people that cook to the people that wash the dishes. To many people this may sound trivial, but this simple social event is the one event I treasure the most. The event that puts the cherry on top of my experience in Japan. The event I will never forget.