Oktoberfest 1.11


As an act of appreciation, the beautiful ladies of NCC prepared a bountiful, wonderful, and joyful event called Oktoberfest.

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Despite it being the wrong time of the year – Oktoberfest is usually held in September – this event was not much different from the original festivities held in Germany. Prepared with warm potato salad, chewy pretzels, juicy sausages, and last but not the least, top-of-the-notch-thirst-quenching German beer, this marvelous event brought up the true Oktoberfest atmosphere.

20140111 004 Oktoberfest 20140111 024 Oktoberfest DSC_7175

The residents experienced an unforgettable time in their lives in the company of good food, cold beer and their closest friends. The event lasted for a few hours of eating, drinking, and strengthening bonds, but the memory of this Oktoberfest will last for a lifetime in the hearts and minds of the residents and fellow friends.

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