“Water water water everywhere!!!” 4.12 Sports Day

Hi everyone!!!! This is the new PR-touban~ The girl mentioned in the previous post~

Nice to meet you and I hope we PR-toubans can deliver the best smiles and joys around HdB to you!

Sports day was awesome.


On a lovely Saturday day what better to do than to get all worked up in s fun filled activity. Nearly everyone attended this event!! We started at about 1 in the afternoon and began explaining the rules so that people don’t try to cheat!!



Objective? Hit the opponent with water with one balloon at a time. Didn’t take our clever residents long to figure out how to find a loop whole. Everyone instead of popping the balloons, started squirting them!


Result? Everyone was wet!!!!!!! I will probably remember this as one of the most fun things we have ever done this in HbB…


I look forward to telling my kids one day “one day long ago, under the full bloom of sakura, bunch of people from all around the world got together and had a water balloon fight!!”

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