Christmas Party 2016


The Christmas Party of 2016 was a successful event with a wonderful spirit of Christmas. Thanks to the help from the residents, staff, the Toban members and other participants, everybody enjoyed the  event.  

So it started with a short Welcome message, but everybody couldn’t wait to try the heartwarming home cooking by the residents. It was so delicious. After the meal we all enjoyed the entertaining performances of Christmas songs and of course especially the sweet “Christmas girls” with this awesome Shibuya-dance.

After a little break we started some funny games (for example: Paper-folding-dance and  Limbo) which brings the residence closer together. And it was really fun!

After that we hurried up to clean up the dishes, because we all were so exciting of our secret Santa gift and to find out who was each secret Santa. Christmas spirit were in the air and filled up the room, so our real Santa could appear and bring us our gifts.


Thanks to everyone that everybody gets his gift and felt the lovely Christmas feeling.

As shown in the pictures  below, everyone had a smile in his face, felt happy to be part of such a wonderful party and be together with friends.

Thanks to you guys which shown us a great performance, participated the games and made the evening unforgettable.


Thank you also to everyone who was involved into the party and thank you HdB for such a heartwarming time.



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