2017.04.15 Sports Day

This year for the Sports day we did three games, darts, a building game and a ‘cone game.’ Originally, we had five games in preparation, the others being dodge ball and a hula hoop relay game. The idea that we had was that we really wanted to get a balance of ‘physical’ and ‘team strategy’ sports. So for this purpose we tried to come up with a wide variety of games. However due to a series of unfortunate events, we canceled the dodge ball game and ran out of time for the hula hoop game.

Regardless, after many meetings and going back and forth between ideas and the hundred yen store, we were finally prepared. The model for the building game was assembled, the dart boards were hung up and the cones purchased. Upon a brief introduction, we split everybody into 3 teams and for the next 2 hours we completed through these various activities. Some of the games were quite unconventional, but much to the Tobans relief, they seemed to be successful. After much fierce and close competition, eventually a winner was declared. A brief honorary dodge ball game, and a photo later, we all sat down to enjoy pizza and Tapioca tea.

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