Common meal 11.08

Every second friday we have common meal, it’s the most frequent event.
Every resident cooks and helps someone else cooking for common meal, at least once a semester. It is a great chance to show people traditional food from your own country and learn how to cook another country’s food.
This time we had food from Brazil, Germany, Japan, China. The cooks introduced their dishes, how it’s normally cooked, what it’s  made of, and in which occasions it would be eaten. So it’s a good chance to know more about those cultures.
There is a Sudachi tree in HdB’s garden, this time we could drink juice from its fruits.
Our scholars, even though they just stay for a short time in HdB, also join common meal. They introduce themselves so we can know more about their projects here in japan. Sometimes they cook as well.
Residents can invite guests, so we can share those moments with them.
Sometimes people related to the house come and introduce themselves. It’s a chance to know more about the history of the house and other things.
Common meal is always an unique experience.